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These basic-skill courses provide students with the opportunity to catch up or pull ahead of their appropriate grade or age levels.  Each student is assessed to determine her or his incoming skill levels, and then a program is developed with parents using testing and other information. Typically, students meet two times a week for one to two hours per session.


Our basic-skills course in reading is developed for students who have difficulties with reading fluency and comprehension.  Young students may need to learn consonant sounds and consonant teams.  Older pupils may need to begin with one-syllable words with short vowels, long vowels, and variants.  More advanced students may need to learn how to break apart words into compounds, consonant + le's, two consonants in the middle, vowel-consonant-vowel patterns, prefixes, suffixes, and Greek and Latin roots.

We use a highly effective combination of SRA Direct Instruction Programs and supplemental phonics instruction that systematically introduces and reinforces the 48 vowel and consonant sounds in the English language. Additional skills in vocabulary and comprehension are taught throughout the course. Monitoring of progress in fluency is accomplished through timed readings and graphing the number of words and errors read per minute.  Comprehension is measured through graded passages in main ideas, conclusions, and inferences. Our basic reading programs are not Orton-Gillingham. They're better!


These programs are developed for students who have difficulties with writing, or who want to improve their abilities to write clear, complete sentences, paragraphs, and essays. Depending on students' needs, capitalization, punctuation, grammar, spelling, and paragraphing skills are systematically taught. These skills are then applied in a number of different contexts, ranging from journals and letters to family and friends, to multi-paragraph essays.  Word processing and keyboarding skills are also incorporated throughout the programs at the parent and student request. 


Depending on individual student needs, these courses involve the following basic skills: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, and percents.  Each concept is covered with hands-on manipulatives, diagrams, computations, and word problems.


Math/Science/Writing/Foreign Languages/Study Skills

Our school-year tutoring utilizes a "look ahead" approach to subjects that many students find difficult. The student and tutor meet once or twice a week, depending on need, to review/reteach difficult concepts recently covered, while working through all or part of the student's homework. As time and/or desire permit, we preview upcoming concepts and assignments that may be difficult, and prepare students for quizzes and tests. This approach is a wonderful confidence booster for those students struggling in difficult classes, including advanced placement courses.


Special Needs.

Does your child have an individualized education plan, or receiving targeted services?

Is the progress she is making going to enable her to be at a grade level commensurate with her peers anytime soon?

Does your child cringe at the idea of being 'pulled out" of his other classes to receive extra help?

Is your child so distractible that she misses major concepts presented in class?

One of the primary reasons Lee Education Center was established is to help meet the academic needs of special education students. Special Education teachers have a tremendous amount of responsibilities, and work with a diverse range of student needs. Remediating basic skills in reading, writing and math are difficult on a focused basis, let alone under the conditions many teachers face. To often, modifications and accommodations are made for students with special needs at the expense of remediating those basic skills that make it necessary for the modifications in the first place.

At Lee Education Center, we are able to focus exclusively with your child and the academic skills needing remediation. Our curriculum uses a time- tested direct instructional approach with proper instructional level placement, large amounts of modeling utilizing multi-sensory approaches geared towards the student's strengths, and lots of practice, practice, practice to make sure the skill sticks.

Progress is measured and documented for all instruction, enabling parents, students and ourselves to clearly see indications of adequate progress, allowing for changes, if necessary, as quickly as appropriate.

Instructional Programs are developed with parents and students, and often in conjunction with the goals and objectives developed through the IEP process at school.

We can also provide advocacy for those parents intimidated by the bureaucracy of the special education programs. A great resource for parents needing assistance is the local PACER organization dedicated to protecting the rights of students with disabilities.

Please contact us with any questions you may have.

For the past 12 years Lee Education Center has helped parents with home schooling issues ranging from individualized curriculum development in reading, writing, and math for younger students, to providing individualized and group instruction in all basic high school subject areas, including advanced math, science, and foreign languages. Please call to find out how we can help with any home schooling needs you may have.

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